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This first Family Fun Dog Show took a bit of organising and setting up. Initially the Friends planned a small show just to see if the public were interested but word soon got out and it just grew.

So many people and business came forward with offers of help:-

Discount VW Audi and Everite Windows sponsored the event

Wirral Radio hosted and provide music for the dog show.

Acorn Veterinary Surgery and Discount VW Audi lent us Gazebos, put them for us and took them down at the end of the show.

Wirral Parks service and

Travis Perkins lent us ground pins.

Stalls at the Show

FC Hardware provided plumbing fittings to improve Queens Park toilets.

Trendy Pooches provided all the Rosettes for the Fun Dog Classes (1st to 6th place)

Maccombs Pet Store in Hoylake provided all those wonderful Fun Classes 1st Prize Trophies

Friends Family Fun Dog Show - Puppy Class

Puppy Class Places

1st - Berty (9 months) handled by Heather

2nd - Sully (6 months) handled by Ella

3rd - Betty (7 months) handled by Natasha

4th - Barnaby ( 12 months) handled by Rachel

5th - Sasha (6 months) handled by Jess

6th - Poppy (12 months) handled by Amanda)

Please help the Friends of Hoylake and Meols in Bloom keep our village, Parks and open spaces SMILING

Single Support membership is £5 per year, this does not involve any volunteering but you are always welcome to join our volunteer team - See how you can support us on the ‘HOW YOU CAN HELP’ tab above

What a great community we have - Residents and businesses supporting the environment we all live in.

Waggiest Tail Class Places

1st - Lucy (3 years)handled by Megan

2nd - Beauty (2 ½ years) handled by Sarah

3rd - Sam (6 years) handled by Emma

4th - Buddy (1 ½ years) handled by Lauran

5th - Biscuit (2 years) handled by Enya

6th - Daisy (9 years) handled by Callum

Friends Family Fun Dog Show - Waggiest Tail

Best Trick Class Places

1st - Chase (8 years) handled by Carol

2nd - Daisy (6 months) handled by Sheila

3rd - Darcy (3 years) handled by Maureen

4th - Ebony (2 years) handled by Alana

5th - Harley (4 years) handled by Sue

6th - Henry (2 years) handled by Ian

Friends Family Fun Dog Show - Best Trick Class

Friends Family Fun Dog Show - Prettiest Bitch Class

Prettiest Bitch Class Places

1st - Darcy (18 months) handled by Leanne

2nd - Honey (3 years) handled by Anne

3rd - Tina (7 ½ years) handled by Doug

4th - Tish (9 months) handled by Adam

5th - Maggie (3 years) handled by Heather

6th - Tayga (3 ½ years) handled by Kristina

Most Handsome Dog Class Places

1st - Chip (9 years) handled by Lesha

2nd - Budelylore (1 year) handled by J.J.

3rd - Frankie (4 years) handled by Isabella

4th - Pepper (4 ½ years) handled by William

5th - George (4 years) handled by Kristina

6th - Jack (18 months) handled by Pam

Friends Family Fun Dog Show - Most Handsome Dog Class

Friends Family Fun Dog Show - Best 6 Legs Dog Class

Best 6 Legs Class Places

1st - Buddy (1 ½ years) handled by Nicky

2nd - Molly (1 ½ years) handled by Lesha

3rd - Maisie (1 year) handled by Phil

4th - Ottis (1 year) handled by Michael

5th - Bentley (6 months) handled by James

6th - Pascal (6 months) handled by Ajaysa

Best Fancy Dress Class Places

1st - Buelely (9 months) handled by Molly

2nd - Hartley (4 years) handled by Sue

3rd - Pip (6 years) handled by Mathew

4th - Bella (7 years) handled by Hannah

5th - Bella (5 years) handled by Carolyn

6th - Jumble (6 years) handled by Jo

Friends Family Fun Dog Show - Best Fancy Dress Dog Class

Best Rescue Class Places

1st - Millie (10 years) handled by Alison

2nd - Sally (13 years) handled by Ann

3rd - Harley (4 ½ years) handled by Alex & Robin

4th - Charlie handled by Debbie

5th - Sophie (5 years) handled by Megan

6th - Twirly (5 years) handled by Ellie

Best Veteran Class Places

1st - Tia (12 years) handled by Bev

2nd - Indie (7 years) handled by Penny

3rd - Ruby (7 ½ years) handled by Carol

4th - Bruno (12 years) handled by Gracie

5th - Honey (10 ½ years) handled by Hilda

6th - Max (7 years) handled by Veronica

Friends Family Fun Dog Show - Best Veteran Class

Friends Family Fun Dog Show - Best Rescue Class

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Few Pictures from around the Friends Family Fun Dog Show

Few pictures taken during the day around the Fun Dog show

Photo/Video/Original Music by Neil G.

Terrific slide video with original music

Queens Parks Famous Roly Poly Hill

Great video of the Friends Family Fun Dog show

By Ian Hazelhurst