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Friends of Hoylake and Meols in Bloom

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The children of Hoylake say 'Please pick up your dog poo'.

Hoylake Holy Trinity Primary School Environmental Club' have been designing pictures to ask people to please pick up their dogs' poo in our parks and open spaces.

They know most people do pick up, but on a recent walk through Queens Park and Parade Gardens many "POOS" where found, so not everyone does.

The children say it is horrible when you stand in it, even worse when you roll in it while you roly poly down the hills.

They think that sometimes people are busy chatting or they are on their mobile phone so forget to keep an eye on their dog, so please pop your dog on the lead if you are distracted and pick up that poo.

The picture shows the children from the environmental club:-

Rex, Gwen, Paige, Daisy, Nianh, Emma, Aleisha, Amber, Isla, Alexia, Summah, Lewis


Miss Mary Burgess and Mrs Carolyn Gaskell.